Owner Ottica Manzoni

Visual acuity check, eyewear fitting and sales consultancy



Visual acuity check, eyewear fitting and sales consultancy



Contactology, visual acuity check and sales consultancy

Our history

Ottica Manzoni was founded in 1988 when I decided to pursue a dream and take over an activity that was already historic in that period, a landmark in the heart Milan known for its quality since the early post-war years.


Our values

It seemed a good sign to me the idea of buying an activity in which I recognized myself and found some of the fundamental values for me such as care, commitment and availability.

After working on the other side of the counter for a contact lens manufacturer for about ten years, I felt the need to build something of mine that would meet people’s well-being.

Our vision

My goal was to offer my experience and ability to do things right for those people who already believed in my professionalism, and to my future clients that I would follow over time.

My mission was to maintain the consolidated level of quality and professionalism, starting the adventure on solid foundations.

Luca Galimberti



After 40 years I can say that I have realized the dream and I still have the desire to do things at my best, and I am proud to have passed on to my son Luca the passion for this work and the values in carrying it on.

Luca has been working with me since 2010 with enthusiasm, looking to the future, and continuing to update his self and plan new proposals to be made to our customers.


Yesterday and tomorrow

Our aspiration to offer the best of what we are and what the international market offers has remained unchanged over time, like our motivation, craftsmanship and constant commitment.

We are satisfied about our work, and we are focused to continue to update and invest in the well-being of our customers who give us their trust.

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